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Yuval / Running / The Sixth Annual Run for Peace

The Sixth Annual Run for Peace

23 April, 200923 April, 2009 1 comments Running Running

At around 8:15  a group of 20 Palestinians from Beit Sahour, Beit Jalla and Bethlehem joined a larger group of runners that was waiting for them in Jerusalem to run together the sixth annual peace marathon (though it is only 5 to 6 mile run).  In total, we were a group of 50 runners including runners from Italy  who came with an Italian sports league. The sports figures included retired AC Milan soccer star Demetrio Albertini, now Deputy President of the Italian Football Association and Italian volleyball world champion Andrea Zorzi. The race itself was a real fun event and joining the runners once they had crossed the checkpoint was quite interesting.  We had a little break at the checkpoint where everyone had water and some introductions were made; people chatted for a few minutes before running off together as a unified group. It took approximately two hours even though it was barely 7 k for the participating Israelis.  We only wish there was a bit more publicity so more people could have joined the race. 


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    i ran this last year and it was amazing. Such energy, such enthusiasm - it was an incredible experience. its not hard at all - only 10 k and there is a tiny uphill at the end when you run up towards Mount Zion and the Dung Gate.
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