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The Grafted Experience

5 August, 20105 August, 2010 9 comments Events Events

Sometimes it isn't the ancient stones that are the most exciting news out of Israel, though the ruins from times gone by have a weighty significance. The story of Israel is as new as it is ancient. It spans human history and continues forward in ways that we can share in and impact. Today the people are living stones which communicate a unique story about what God is doing in our time.

Tomorrow's history is created by today's activity and it is ready to be molded by those who will actively pursue it. The Grafted tour of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) is the perfect event to join if you are a young adult and want to contribute to the story of Israel. Grafted was started by our director, Liesl Hedding Maas, in 2003 as a global vehicle for young adults to express their love and support for Israel through practical educational and social programs. In January I joined the team as the Jerusalem Coordinator and project manager. It has been an incredible experience and really culminated in the July Summer Hands-On Tour.

We had 24 participants representing 13 different nations. The international aspect of the tour is one of its greatest strengths, though there are many. We engaged in a variety of service projects including a house make-over for a woman rescued from human trafficking, a musical program for Holocaust survivors, a fun-filled day camp for children of Sudanese refugees that have fled persecution and war in South Sudan, a cleaning project in the Muslim quarter of East Jerusalem, and a gardening project for an orphanage in an orthodox Jewish neighborhood..

I think I will take the next few blogs to share a few more details about the projects. Below are a few pictures from the projects.








Grafted’s purpose is to connect, equip and engage Christian young adults around the world to stand with the Nation of Israel based on God’s Word. It accomplish this through multiple programs including educational tours to Israel, the Jerusalem internship, the 232 Leadership program, International speaking tours, and multiple media outlets such as their website, blog, newsletters and social networking sites..

The yearly Feast of Tabernacles tour invites the rising generation to come to Israel and explore the land of the Bible, learn from internationally renowned speakers and theologians, and discover or renew their spiritual life and calling. The tour has brought from 60 to120 people from multiple nations for the past seven years..

The annual summer “Hands-On” tour provides our groups with the opportunity to meet and interact with many aspects of Israeli society. It provides meaningful service opportunities for the group to contribute to Israeli communities through projects which include working in community centers, soup kitchens, youth villages, African Refugee villages and hospitals to name a few. One of our most celebrated outreaches is the adoption of a Holocaust survivor. Grafted members throughout the world send regular contributions so that Grafted may give a monthly contribution to help sustain and bless our adopted survivor. .

Since starting in 2003, over a thousand young adults have come and visited the Nation of Israel on Grafted tours and events to learn more about the people, the land and their responsibility as Christians to support the Nation of Israel. Grafted educates young people from all corners of the globe about Israel’s unique calling, political situation and social issues while encouraging the rising generation of young professionals to confront the challenges of their day and to be a voice of love, hope and restoration to the people of Israel..

Thousands of people flock to Israel each year to walk to Via Dolorosa, stand atop the Mt. Of Beatitudes, hike to the top of Massada and maybe partake in an archaeological dig of some ancient biblical ruin. These are all incredible experiences and I highly recommend them. But when you make it to this amazing land, I encourage you not to overlook the living stories that are happening all around you..

If you are between the ages of 18 to 30ish, consider the Grafted tour! The 2010 Feast of Tabernacles tour is still open for registration. Check it out at www.grafted.org.




  • By Anonymous 2814 Days Ago
    2 points    
    WoW Kasey....That was so interesting to read. I was waiting for you next story but did not expect one like that. The pictures you had are telling there own story. Thank you for sharing it
    with us.

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  • By Anonymous 2814 Days Ago
    2 points    
    That is great what you guys do over there regardless of anyone's background. Open hearts and open arms for God. That's what it's all about!
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  • DaniBy Dani 2814 Days Ago
    3 points    
    What do Sudanese refugees, Muslims and orthodox Jews have in common?....... Kasey and the Grafted team!!!! You guys rock!!! I know Grafted has opened a lot of doors for you. God has led you to do some amazing things and I enjoy having the opportunity to read about them and see your pictures. Thank you for sharing this message of love and outreach. The greatest of these is love!
    Love and prayers from Raleigh, NC
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  • By Anonymous 2814 Days Ago
    2 points    
    I read everyone of your blogs and think I won't cry this time. But I did yet again. What you and Grafted are doing in Israel is amazing. Keep at it Kasey.
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  • By Anonymous 2814 Days Ago
    2 points    
    What an amazing program Kasey, thanks for letting us know about it. I really enjoyed this article.
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