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Take a Trip Home - To the Holy Land

16 July, 200916 July, 2009 10 comments Contest Contest

Take A Trip Home - To the Holy Land

By Carolyn M. Kenney

The trip from Boston to Tel Aviv, Israel is a long one. However, the time I spent in the Holy Land was incredible! As I awoke that first day and looked out over the Sea of Galilee, my heart skipped a beat. I immediately felt a spiritual connection to Jesus growing deep within my soul. Birds sang sweetly in the trees while the sun rose in soft shades of yellow and orange above the low-lying mountains across the Sea of Galilee. I was eager to visit the Holy Land, but never thought I would feel the way I do today about this spiritually rich land.

Everyplace I visited was an enriching and moving experience, from Nazareth to Jerusalem. However, my time in Capernaum was the most fulfilling. During my first visit in 2007, the guide told our group that Jesus had lived for three years in Capernaum and spent much time in the home of Saint Peter's mother-in-law. I eagerly listened to every word the guide spoke and imagined the people of that village who in turn listened to Jesus with rapt attention .

In 2008, I returned to the Holy Land and to Capernaum. Our group participated in mass held in the church directly above Saint Peter's home. In the middle of the church floor, we could look upon the center of the home. Once again, I thought of Jesus sitting there. His Apostles would have been close by absorbing His every word.

At the end of mass, we had some time alone before driving on to our next stop. I walked from the church, down a wide path towards the Sea of Galilee. How many times did Jesus walk this way towards the sea? As His Apostles slept in the early morning hours, did He awaken and wanting to be alone, go to the sea to pray to His Father? I thought of Him sitting there, looking over the still, blue waters. Did He look into the future and see all who would one day walk these same paths, visiting the land He loved? Did He look into the future and see me standing there desiring to be closer to Him?

All too soon, it was time to return to the bus. The time spent throughout the Holy Land only strengthened my faith and deepened my love for God. When I left, I felt as though I was already "home." Whenever I hear a Gospel reading, I visualize that area of Galilee or Jerusalem where it occurred. I am there once again. I am home


  • By Anonymous 3123 Days Ago
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    When I read Carolyn's account of her trip "home" to the Holy Land, it really makes me wish I could go there some day. What a holy place!
  • By Anonymous 3123 Days Ago
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    Very very nicely described Carolyn. Wish I could visit the same places you did. I'm sure there's a very strong spiritual feeling once you're standing where Christ stood once.

    thanks for sharing your article with us.

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  • By Anonymous 3122 Days Ago
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    Beautiful article. Makes me want to go there, too.

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  • By Anonymous 3122 Days Ago
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    This is a very heartfelt article. I can feel what you were experiencing through your words.
    Very well done,
  • By Anonymous 3122 Days Ago
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    Love the way you describe the land and how jesus may have felt as he walked around these places we hear and read about. Very humbling.
    God Bless
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