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Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee

13 September, 200913 September, 2009 0 comments Thoughts on the Holy Land Thoughts on the Holy Land

"For many reasons we should love."  These were some of the first words the guide spoke to a group of thirty-five men and women as they began an inspiring trip to the Holy Land.  They would come to learn more about the people of this land which is so rich in political and religious history and so breathtaking in it beauty.  Over 2000 years ago, Jesus walked this land.  As He stood upon the shores of the Sea of Galilee, did He look into the future and see those who would one day visit the land where He lived?  Did He see those who would one day breathe its invigorating air, delight in its simple beauty and cherish His Presence which is still felt here today?

The Holy Land is steeped in religious history not only of the Christian faith, but also of Jewish and Muslim faith as well.  It should be a land of harmony, where all people can worship their God as they choose.  It is a land for everyone.  Whenever pilgrims travel in the Holy Land, they feel the presence of Jesus fill their spirits.

One of the most compelling sights is the sun rising on the Sea of Galilee in the morning light.  The theologian, Dietrich von Hildebrand once said, "To whom will the sublime beauty of a sunset or a Ninth Symphony of Beethoven reveal itself, but to him who approaches it reverently and unlocks his heart to it?"  Let us unlock our heart to God's majesty and love.



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