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Saying Goodbye

27 September, 201027 September, 2010 0 comments M-Trek M-Trek

 Today is a special day for me in the trip.  First of all, it's our last full day of the trip and I know I will miss the group and the atmosphere.  Second of all, today is our only full Tel Aviv day - my real chance to make my new found friends get a glimpse of my favorite city in the world. 

We split up the team; half goes with our guide to the flea market and a tour of Jaffa.  The other half come with me to get a tour of Galei Zahal - the Israeli Defense Forces radio station.  Since my brother served there - he is able to give us a tour of the place.  It is really cool experiences as most of the group has never been to a radio station or a military base, and none of them have ever been to a combined place.


After the station tour I take the team to my favorite hummus place - Abu Hassan.  We have the world famous Masabacha (no real English way to spell this) and head to Rothschild Blvd. to see the hall of independence, where Israel was declared as a country.  From there we continue to some free time in the heart of Tel Aviv - Hacarmel Market and Sheinkin Street.  We sit in some coffee shops, look at some boutique shops and then head back to the hotel in order to get ready for dinner. 

On our way to dinner, I get a chance to bring the group to my favorite spot in Israel, at the best time of day.  We go to the view point in Jaffa and I try to show them how, at this point, the old and new of Tel Aviv and Jaffa really reflect the Israel brings history and modernism together.  It's at that point that I feel a bit sad as I know the trip is about to end.

 We have dinner at Dizingof 99 - a fashionable restaurant in downtown Tel Aviv.  Dinner is amazing and the group tastes the famous Tel Aviv cuisine for the first time.  We finish the day on the beach, smoking Hookahs and drinking some wine - thinking about the great times we had and about the year ahead of us.  I will miss these times...



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Every year second year students from the Ross School of Business at University take first year students on a fun trip somewhere around the world. This year, we are doing the first ever trip to Israel.


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