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Itinerary to the Holy Land

15 February, 200915 February, 2009 7 comments Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI


On May 8th Pope Benedict XVI is expected to begin his journey to the Holy Land.


The Papal itinerary includes stops In Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories.


 This is the first visit of Pope Benedict XVI's to the Holy Land since becoming Pope and it will include visits with Christian community leaders, Moslem leaders, Palestinians and Israelis.


 Several masses will be held at a number of different holy sites throughout the region.


According to our Vatican sourse, the Papal itinerary will begin in Jordan on May 8th and will include stops at Moslem mosques.


Pope Benedict's XVI itinerary is to also include:


May 9th - Visit Mt. Nebo and other mosques in Jordan


May 10th - Pope Benedict XVI to celebrate Eucharest with the Catholic Community in a stadium in Amman and he is scheduled to visit a baptism site along the Jordan River


May 11th -Pope Benedict XVI will arrives at Ben Gurion International Airport and he will meet Shimon Peres and visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem


May 12th - Pope Benedict XVI will meet with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, visit the Western Wall, the Cenacle at Mount Zion and meet with both the Ashkenazi and Sephardi chief rabbis. The Pope will preside over a mass at Jesophats Valley in Jerusalem


May 13th - Pope Benedict XVI will visit Bethlehem and meet Palestinian Authority President Mohammed Abbas; and he will preside over mass at Mangar Square. A visit at a local Palestinian refugee camp is also planned.


May 14th - Pope tBenedict XVI will visit the Galilee travel to Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus, where he will celebrate mass at the Mount of Precipace, overlooking the Jezreel Valley.


May 15th - Pope Benedict XVI will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre before leaving Israel.


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  • By Anonymous 3384 Days Ago
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    This is very exciting news! Thank you for sharing.
  • By Anonymous 3345 Days Ago
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    Dear Pope Benedict,
    My name Is Von Gale Galenos Avgerinos and I've always held the belief that Nostradamus was an Idiot. No one can Predict the Future and according to The old Testament and New Testament the "Prediction" of the Future is considered to be witchcraft. The World has a Great Long time to "Live" and The "Big" Kahuni/God is trying to give people signs of this. For instance, there was a new species of Dolphin discovered recently. Also there was a good sign of Rhinos with "soft" horns in Africa. Nostradamus' teachings are Heretical, you see The "Kahuni" can change history obviously at any Time he wants, he just wants people to have Faith. There is an Abundance of food in the West, Medicine is getting better too, people are living longer, the Deer population in the Midwest is thriving. It is raining in some parts of Greece and Africa that have been arid for years, you see the "Kahuni" as you know created the universe for us and will provide us humans with the knowledge to master it somewhat over the centuries. Planets such as Venus, and Jupiter along with some of their moons may be colonized in hundreds of years to come. Asian states will acknowledge "Jesus" and the Kahuni and will alter their line of thinking. So as I see it Nostradummy was just a pessimistic fellow who probably wanted to sensationalize everything to better his own agenda, you will be safe and noone will hurt you and there will be peace. The Muslims may alter the Koran. Also the "Kahuni" is still upset over Cain and Abel but is somewhat leanient in regards to allowing that region to flourish with the aid of some technology from the West. They may have gardens again. Hopefully there will be more good signs, over and out......
  • By Anonymous 3067 Days Ago
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  • By Anonymous 3050 Days Ago
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    Remember all what the Muslims are saying don’t steel, don’t kill or destroy humans and humanity, and please don’t implant puppet corrupt Dictators to destroy their lives and livelihood, this is the work of Satan, which doesn’t belong to any religion or belief on earth, one can fool some of the people some time but no one can continue fooling the people all of the time, religions are meant to be between mankind and God ,more importantly no one can fool All Mighty God, it is not for any mankind to judge, but only for God on Judgment day, peace.
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