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Passage from the Time of Abraham Exposed in Jerusalem

3 September, 20093 September, 2009 0 comments Biblical Archaeology Biblical Archaeology


Another fantastic archaeological gem will go on display soon in Israel. The largest wall to ever be discovered in the City of David is to be displayed to the public this coming week. According to archaeologists, the wall dates back 3,700 years to the time of biblical Abraham, during the Middle Bronze Age.  The site contains double walls, which reach over 26 feet high. It is believed that the double walls were intended to protect people walking from a location in Jerusalem to a spring some distance away.

The archaeological excavation is a joint project between the Israel Antiquities Authority and University of Haifa. To date, 24 meters of the massive wall have been discovered, the size of which further supports the theory that  Jerusalem was a very significant city during this time in history, much more than merely a small village. The massive double wall  structure  reinforces this theory.

Source: Arutz Sheva, Biblical Archaeology Review


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