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Overall Trip

30 April, 200930 April, 2009 5 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

So just to start this out with a little setting...  I am a student doing a research internship in the UK at the moment on a budget and I really wanted to see Israel and the Holy Land among many other sites.  I got to the UK in March and decided that Israel would be possible at the last minute before Easter and was scrambling around trying to find a place to stay for the few nights I was going to be in Israel.  I happened to stumble upon travelujah and what a blessing it turned out to be.  I ended up making a request for accommodation one day in advance.  I reveived and email from Lisa, the creator of the site, and she said that usually they needed more time to be able to book, but that she would see what she could do for me!  About a few hours later I received a call from her directly saying she had found a place!!!  She found me a room at the Notre Dame guesthouse, which turned out to be another amazing blessing to me.  Not only was it a great place to stay with an awesome breakfast (included for guests), but I also met some really cool people there.  I met multiple priests that were either frequent visitors of Jerusalem and the old city or that lived there.  This helped so much because they gave me advice on what to see and when to do it.  I actually ended up being able to go see Bethlehem because one of the priests I met was taking a day trip out there and invited me along, THANKS JOSH! 

Overall the whole trip was amazing.  It really brought the Bible to life being able to see the places and walk the paths of Jesus and his disciples.  As I said I went during Easter which is one of the busiest times for travel to Jerusalem; it also holds some of the best services and things to see there in the Old City!  Being one of the busiest times for travel it is amazing that Travelujah found me a place at all, let alone somewhere as nice as the Notre Dame guesthouse!  Thank you so much for all your help Travelujah!  You are a Godsend!



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  • By Anonymous 3334 Days Ago
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    Great place to stay, Notre Dame, and it looks like the people you meet were amazing. Thanks for sharing with us.
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  • CarolynBy Carolyn 3257 Days Ago
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    I also stayed at Notre Dame and liked it very much. It is in a great location. I can't wait to return to the Holy Land!
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