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Ohhh Mmm Ggggg :)

9 August, 20109 August, 2010 3 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

I LOVE IT HERE!!! I have had the most amazing peace while traveling in Israel.  It's already been one week and I honestly can WRITE A BOOK on this week alone..and we still have one more week to go! I feel as though I belong here. Ive met so many amazing people here in the country, in the hotel, other people from other countries, and of course the group of Students/Leaders that I am with are AWESOME!


Hahaha- God has surely kept me in his hands and has taken ME on quite a few adventures (not by choice) but to prove to me that He is taking care of his daughter!  Man if you only knew....if you only knew.. .


I will share these experiences with you at a later time and for sure they will blow your mind. But I will leave you with some fun instances such as bargaining at the Market in the Old City and getting some very valuable items for almost nothing (too much fun!!!) Oh yea I got left at the hotel one day, and prayed and God gave me favor with another tour group from Germany and Luxemburg and they were headed to the same destination as my group- Masada (the Desert!!!!! and hour or more away from our hotel). I get there and found that my group made it there 30 mins ago, and to make a long story short, I made it up the mountain, asked the Holy Spirit to lead me to my group, and in 15 mins (in the Desert, on a mountain full of lots of tourists groups mind you), I saw one my friends Umbrellas and was reunited!  As my group told me later...everyone couldn't believe I got all the way out there by myself and all I could do was give God glory!!!! Yes Adventure!!!!! Not planned, but the whole while God lead me the whole way.


The night before we visited the Western Wall. Speechless....as I type this I'm tearing up.  After I read scripture and prayed, I stood silent, touching the wall in the beautiful evening to hear from Him...and something so special transpired between Us.  Tears began to flow, uncontrollably as I listened to that still small voice. He spoke much to me, but this piece I will share...that this trip to Israel was His gift to me. He wanted me to Himself...for me to meet alone with HIM, in his special place. He did this just for me.....


wow. all i could say is wow.  So undeserved...yet he showered me with his peace, instruction, and love that night.


Some other little cool thngs! When we stayed by the Sea of Galilee one night four of us (Tres, David, Pastor J, and myself) were walking a dirt path to the beach and David pointed out a shooting star! It was a real Shooting Star! Not a missile lol....but a SHOOTING STAR!!! I love stars, and for 16 years aspired to pursue NASA and become an Astronaut (no joke!!!)...so that was so special to me! I saw my first shooting star in Israel!!!


That same night, I sat alone on the stones of the pier on the edge of the Sea of Galilee, reflecting with heaviness on my mind....I got up to go walk to my room to get some sleep....and just above the Gholan Heights (mountains)....I saw the the moon!  Why is this so special? Before I left Springfield, one night I was on my deck in my apartment and I was looking at the moon, and I asked God to allow me to see the moon....the same moon in Israel....deal is the first couple nights I couldn't find the moon and was disappointed LOL.  That really gave me peace...that God honored my request....


I leave you with this... Joshua 21:45: "Not a Word failed of any good thing which the Lord had spoken to the house of Israel. All came to pass!" Take it from me- God hears your every request not matter how BIG or small-He will answer them!





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    your trip sound so amazing! I'd love to hear about the people you are meeting along the way. Do you feel safe? Are you going to Bethlehem?

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