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Jerusalem Old City Attracts Hundreds of Women for Fitness

16 September, 201116 September, 2011 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Jerusalem has been a destination for many spiritual and historic journeys, but on Thursday night it became the magnet for women of all faiths and ages who are interested in fitness.

Hundreds of women gathered at the Jaffa Gate plaza for exercise followed by a 5-kilometer walk in the Athena Women's Walk in honor of a happy, healthy new year and in encouragement of an active, healthy lifestyle. The Jewish new year, Rosh HaShana, begins on Sept. 28.


The event, usually held on the Tel Aviv beachfront, took the capital by storm with road closures and thousands of extra visitors that day. Having it in Jerusalem opened up the event to diverse participants from religious to secular Jews to Arab women from East Jerusalem.

Ancient met modern at Jaffa Gate where the area was cleared for spinning machines, a kickboxing zone, Zumba and Latino dance stage, and sport and active lifestyle retail tents. Women and young girls took part in the live dance sessions and availed themselves of the exercise equipment set up for the day.

Mayor Nir Barkat unveiled a 300-meter sign greeting visitors with the new year greeting, Shana Tova on the Old City walls.

jaffa gate, jerusalemThe walk is one for the tour books: Taking walkers through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and out Zion Gate, visitors pass Sultan’s Pool, climb up past the Cinemateque to the new trail along the old train tracks in Baka, up Emek Refaim Street in the trendy German Colony area, through the quaint neighborhood of Yemin Moshe, past the historic King David hotel and back to Jaffa Gate Square.

“We are excited to be holding this event in Jerusalem at this time in history,” said Ilan Green, Manager of Public Sports at the Sports Department of the Jerusalem Municipality. “The event has potential to unite this varied group of women as they come together to have fun in a positive, healthy way.”

The purpose of the "Athena Women's Walk" was to empower and inspire women to choose an active and healthy lifestyle.


By Nicole Jansezian, Travelujah

Nicole Jansezian writes for Travelujah.com, the only Christian social network focused on travel to the Holy Land.



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