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Rachel / Jordan / Jerash & Mount Nebo

Jerash & Mount Nebo

2 September, 20102 September, 2010 0 comments Jordan Jordan

Well, our visit to Israel was wonderful, but it was time to leave. We embarked early in the morning for Jordan, via the Allenby Bridge. Basically, a taxi took us to the Israeli checkpoint, we paid our exit tax and took care of final paperwork, then rode a bus to the Jordanian checkpoint, where our passports were stamped & our visas were checked (note to travelers: you do have to obtain a visa to visit Jordan!). The process took a couple of hours, and then we left with our guide (who'd met us at the border) for the city of Jerash!

Jerash boasts some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world. The city, one of the cities of the Decapolis, was built by Pompey (contemporary of Julius Caesar, if that helps you place him in history). We entered through Hadrian's Arch, which is still in magnificent shape.

As you pass through the gate (which was the least-often used in the city), you encounter the Hippodrome to your left. If you have time & curiosity, you can attend one of the shows put on by the "gladiators" there, and afterwards, they'll let you pose with them for photos--or put on some of their gear! We moved on, walking down the Cardo past several sites (which we explored), including the Temple of Zeus, which contains a nice exhibition of decorative stones.

Then, we moved on to the forum and to the theatre, where a pair of guards were playing the bagpipes and drum. Apparently, this is a carry-over from the British, because the bagpiper was resplendent in a Jordanian uniform that looked remarkably like a kilt. The theatre is beautiful and still actively used: an arts festival is held there annually, which I believe Queen Noor started. After we'd walked around the theatre, we visited a restaurant within the ruins, where we feasted! Seriously, the buffet was enormous and delicious. After eating, we returned to the van and settled in for the ride to Mt. Nebo.

The most interesting part of the visit for me was the view from the top, because it has to be similar to Moses's view of the Promised Land that God granted him before he died. By the way, Nebo is referred to as Pisgah in the Old Testament.

Above I've placed a photo of the placard that points out the direction to various sites, based on the vista posted above it.

There are also some wonderful mosaic floors at the site--do not leave without checking them out. Once we'd perused the area, we headed to Petra.


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