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Israel is Awesome

7 July, 20107 July, 2010 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized
I enjoy the " off the beaten path" kind of travel or exploring "apart" from groups the most but I did things with a small group and by myself while in Israel. Israel was incredible and the commonly toured sites were great. I enjoyed the day to day life of the people and the common routines. I visited Masada which was wonderful, hot desert. There was a heat advisory which closed the snake trail so my small group took the tram up. Later we did get to walk the trail back down. You must take water. You must have good knees and endurance for lots of stairs and hills. I loved the workout. The area around Herod's palace was the most interesting to me. The columns, tiles, bath houses have great detail. The insides of fortresses around there are cool and give a break from the heat. Even going down the mountain by foot isn't for those who tire easily, it takes a bit of work. Many steps are uneven and sometimes large. When you get to the bottom, get a "Passion Fruit" slushy, they're awesome! The Dead Sea was fun to float in but I wouldn't do it twice. Visiting Jericho was wonderful. You have to go through a checkpoint since it's currently Palistinean territory. My group accidentally took a wrong turn into a neighborhood being built up, the houses were nice...When we got on the right road which was a dirt road, we passed many camels which was neat. We went to an area where we could take a tram up the mountain. There were a couple shops set into caves in the hill. They had nice things but nothing you couldn't get in Jerusalem. I saved my money. The restaurant at the top was quiet and hardly anyone was there. We decided to eat there and the food was fabulous. Get an Arabic coffee there, yum! It's suppose to be small. I remember not being real hungry so a friend of mine and I just got appetizers, WOW, delicious. The view is incredible and I think Jericho was my favorite part of the day. It's not hard to do Masada, The Dead Sea and Jericho in one day if you have a rental car. We spent enough time in all three places.


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