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Israel Tourism reaches another peak in May

2 July, 20142 July, 2014 0 comments Tourism Tourism

The number of tourists visiting Israel continued its record climb in May as total tourism increased 17% over the same period in 2013 in 2013. Pope Francis's recent visit to Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories brought significant exposure to the region and is expected to prompt many more tourists, particularly Christian tourists, to visit the region.


Cultural tourism represents a growing market for Israel. With the Ministry of Tourism organizing many exciting cultural events such as the Israel Opera performing at two of Israel's UNESCO World Heritage sites including Masada and Acco, the Mozart Festival in Beersheva in May, Jerusalem Light Festival as well as world class musical and arts, the  area is growing in popularity as a cultural destination. According to Tourism Minister Uzi Landa, "Those that come to Israel will discover a country not only blessed with so many holy sites, but also spectacular landscapes, rich in history, culture and night life."


In 2013, approximately 3.55 million tourists visited Israel. Based on results so far this year, 2014 could be another record year  - with over 3.7 visitors - should the increase continue. However,  in the aftermath of the recent kidnappings and murder of three Israeli boys as well as a non yet confirmed revenge killing of an Arab boy in Jerusalem (today) - the recent tension in the region is expected to dampen tourism prospects over the next few months.  While tourism remains quite safe for locals, the ongoing political conflict is likely to cause some tourists to postpone their tours in the short term.



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