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scott2010 / Israel trip, Easter 2010 / Israel Day 5 - The West Coast

Israel Day 5 - The West Coast

10 April, 201010 April, 2010 0 comments Israel trip, Easter 2010 Israel trip, Easter 2010

Although we were sorry to big adieu to the narrow, sinuous, vibrant streets of Jerusalem's Old City, the open road - and the Sea of Galilee - was calling! Fully recovered from Easter's festivities, we started our drive north on Monday morning. We decided to drive up Israel's West Coast to hit some of the sites on the Mediterranean. Our first stop was Caesarea, a former Roman port city and man-made harbor built by Herod the Great. Now a national park, Caesarea contains well-preserved ruins from the Roman empire and a helpful multi-media exhibit that clarified the city's turbulent history (it was controlled by the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, etc). Caesarea is also mentioned in the Bible as the place where Paul demanded to have his case heard by Caesar. Pontius Pilate also spent some time here - and his name came be found in one of the surviving mosaics. In all, it is a beautiful place, located right next to the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.




After Caesarea, we drove north to Haifa, a booming industrial port city and capital of the technology sector in Israel (for proof of this, look no farther than the shiny Google building on the main road). The main reason we visited Haifa was to see the Bahai gardens and temple. Unfortunately, the latter was under construction, but the former were quite beautiful. After grabbing a snack, we drove up to Akko - a medieval city and capital for the Crusaders in the 12th century. Akko was not our favorite city, although some of the attractions (such as the Templar's tunnel) were interesting to see.



Having our fill of the coast, we headed inland to our final destination, the Vered HaGalil ranch on the Sea of Galilee. We cannot overstate how beautiful this location is! We had a cabin overlooking the Sea, and the ranch provides horseback rides and other outdoor activities around their many acres of property. The restaurant also features American favorites such as fried chicken and hamburgers. After the bustle of Jerusalem, being in such a tranquil environment was blissful.


Vered HaglilGalilee




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