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Stephaniephd / Israel 2009 / In the beginning

In the beginning

19 August, 200919 August, 2009 3 comments Israel 2009 Israel 2009

I'd like to start by saying, I love Israel! I loved it as a child in Bible stories, when I met my first known Jewish encounter, and as I've gotten older, the interest, love, and passion has only flourished. I am a Christian female. Born into a family that stressed the importance of respecting and honoring the apple of God's eye, the Jewish people and her land. It's always been in the back of my mind, to support in anyway I can. It's extremly difficult for me to watch a tv commerical about returning Jewis to the land and not pick up the phone. And as a Christian, it's more than obeying God's Word to receive the "blessing". Yes, we will be blessed for helping Israel, but I believe it takes a more genuine concern and drive. I feel only a few Christians will be chosen to take on the task of standing for Israel despite all costs. No matter what. Knowing that if anything happens to them, you might as well sign me up because I'm going to be side by side. There is no greater peace that fulfilling what God has planned for your life. The fun part is not knowing the master plan, but enjoying the bits and pieces given when your in line with His will.

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  • By Anonymous 3224 Days Ago
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    I am an Israeli guy, fighting for the right of my people and my country, just like my father and my grandfather did. I must say, not only did you touch the deepest part of my heart, but also, you are showing us how strong is your faith and the courage it gives you to face others opinion on a tough matter . You parents must be proud of you, and you can thank them for the education and spirit they gave you. Thanks God, they are people like You

  • KaseyBy Kasey 3221 Days Ago
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    Amen! And very well said.
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