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Israelover / Aaron Hecht / Holy Week and the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Holy Week and the Feast of Unleavened Bread

29 March, 201029 March, 2010 0 comments Aaron Hecht Aaron Hecht


The first commandment God ever gave to the Israelites is found in Exodus 12, where He commands them to make a calender and use it to remember important events in the History of His Plan for them (which was really His plan for the salvation and redemption of the entire Human Race.)

With that in mind, let us remember that yesterday was Palm Sunday and this evening is Pesach (Passover).

Palm Sunday is not a Biblicaly ordained Feast but it commemorates a Biblical event, the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as recorded in Luke 19: 28-40. So I think it's good to honor God and edify ourselves by remembering these days, as long as our focus is on the REASON we're marking them and we're learning the spiritual lesson that these events speak about.

Of course, as we know, Jesus was entering Jerusalem for the specific reason that it was the Passover season and He was coming here to eat the Seder with His disciples. So it's also a good thing for Believers to mark Passover, because there are many things in the Passover story that point DIRECTLY to Jesus and His sacrifice for us on the cross.

Here's a link which explains this topic;


Both Palm Sunday and Pessach are the start of an entire week of remembering and meditating on the Word of God and focusing on His promises, expectations and the importance of being faithful to His Word.

Let us all then take this week to turn our faces to Him and to remember what He has done for us.

Just as the People of Israel were brought out of the house of bondage in Egypt by miracles and an awesome display of the sovereign power of God, so have we all been brought out of bondage to sin by the awesome sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. Let us remember this with humility and gratitude, and even as we pray for the physical safety and spiritual salvation of all who we love, let us not forget that we must also pray for our enemies to be saved, because Jesus died for them too.

There's one more thing.

The passage just before the triumphal entry is Luke 19: 11-27, the parable of the servants with the talents. I hope this passage also motivates all of us to GET BUSY with the work God has given us to do, because time is short, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. We want to be one of the good and faithful servants who is is found working hard to bring in the harvest when the Master returns, not one of the workers who is caught by the Master taking a nap out in the shed while the harvest goes uncollected.

Let's be keeping that in mind this week also.

Chag Semayech and God bless you all.


By: Aaron Hecht for Christians Standing with Israel. You can contact him on Facebook at : http://www.facebook.com/fonsecaeric#!/group.php?gid=2229889341


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