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Heading South

10 August, 201110 August, 2011 0 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel


Heading South.  Today we continued our way south driving down the Jordan Valley. The Jordan River has its starting point at the most southern tip of the Sea of Galilee. Here the Jordan River is widest and most beautiful. Israel has this portion of the Jordan available for anyone wishing to be baptized. The further south we drove the landscape began a drastic change. The hills of Jordan on the eastern side and the hills of Samaria on the western side form a valley for the Jordan River that continued to get deeper as we drove towards the Dead Sea.


The terrain became more and more arid as we drove into the Judean desert. A main point of interest on this drive is the Wadi Qelt. Passing through the Wadi Qelt is the main road that travelers use going from Jericho to "go up to Jerusalem." This is the dangerous road that is the setting of the Good Samaritan parable. The Wadi Qelt is also the most likely area where David hid from Absolom. Our bus driver brought us to an amazing lookout over the entire area. Our guides decided that the usual lookout would not work very well for people in wheelchairs so our driver knew of a place in an Israeli town where he drove us to. I don't think this lookout had an actual name but what a ride to get there! The road was barely as wide as our huge bus as our driver drove slowly along hairpin turns bringing us higher and higher with huge drop offs on both sides of the road. Many people in our group were too scared to look at the view until we  reached our destination. Once we made it to a parking area at the top, the precarious drive was well worth it. 


We had a fantastic view overlooking ancient Jericho, the Wadi Qelt and all of the surrounding area. The overlook gave us a bird's eye view of the rugged Judean country and the Jericho Road. It was very easy to see why this road would have been very dangerous for travelers and was the perfect setting for the Good Samaritan parable.


We were given an analogy about the parable that I thought was wonderful and want to share with you. The Good Samaritan is a picture of Christ. The man attacked in the parable is a picture of us. We were hurt by our sins and lost in the wilderness unable to defend ourselves from the attacks of Satan. The world sees us hurt and bleeding but passes us by. Just when we think there is no hope and that we are going to die, we look up and see Christ standing there ready to rescue us out of our sins if we will let Him. Christ ministers to us, lifts us up, and paid the complete cost for our lives with His own life. He departs from us only for a time with the promise that He will return. We can live today in complete confidence that Christ will return for His children.


When we left the overlook, we drove the highway leading from Jericho to Jerusalem. The highway is a steep and steady climb going up to Jerusalem which explains why in the Bible it was said that people would go "up to Jerusalem." The bus drove through a tunnel and upon exiting the tunnel; we had a beautiful panoramic view of the city from Mount Scopus. My first view of the Holy City is something that I will never forget.


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