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Dr. Brad Young to Lead Israel Tour During Sukkot

7 July, 20157 July, 2015 0 comments Holy Land Pilgrimage Holy Land Pilgrimage

Dr. Brad H. Young, a professor of Judaic Christian Studies in the Graduate School of Theology and Ministry at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will be leading the upcoming Israel  Sukkot Experience Tour, September 28 through October 4, 2015  in partnership with the Rabbi Riskin's Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation and Travelujah. The details of the tour can be found at this link.


Dr. Brad Young leading an Israel tour



Dr. Young is not only a renowned speaker and professor but he is also a popular author of Jesus the Jewish Theologian,  Meet the Rabbis and the Jewish Background to the Lord's Prayer among other worksHis booklet on  has given deeper spiritual meaning and practical application for the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples to pray. His book, The Parables Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation is considered to be the definitive work on the comparison of Gospel parables and their rabbinic counterparts. This authoritative study of the parables of Jesus opens up the original Jewish context with meaningful insight for Christian readers. 

In 1986, he completed work on his doctorate at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel where he studied the beginnings of Christian faith and Judaism in the first century. for the last 26 years he has traveled the world speaking on the bible.

Brad is a native of Sapulpa, Oklahoma who went to Israel for the first time in 1972 while serving in a Christian Coffee House ministry. After experiencing Israel and exploring the historical beginnings of his Christian faith, he decided to devote his life to a career in research and education. He completed a B.A. at Oral Roberts University, and then traveled to Israel for graduate studies. In 1978, he entered the Comparative Religions program at the Hebrew University where he wrote a doctorate on the parables of Jesus and rabbinic parables. 


Having lived within the Jewish community in Israel, Brad has worked to bring understanding and awareness of the needs of the state of Israel to evangelical Christians.  Through education, dialogue, and interfaith cooperation, Brad has built bridges of friendship between the Jewish and Christian communities.


As an internationally recognized authority on the life and teachings of Jesus, Brad has had a remarkable impact. His work has challenged listeners to return Jesus to His own culture, time, and people - to the distant and foreign world of late Second Temple Period Judaism. Whether through writing, teaching or public speaking, Brad's message always enlightens, stimulates and stretches his audiences. His passion is studying and teaching about Jesus presented in the Gospel texts, against the rich and diverse backdrop of ancient Judaism.



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