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Desert is the new thing- everyone's doing it!!

25 July, 201125 July, 2011 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Dear Reader....


Man so much has happened and week 1 has passed already so fast...yet it feels like its been a month since I've been here!  So much to say and not enough time to sit still and get it all in perspective for you to enjoy this journey with me! Sorry!!!!


Anywho I will get you caught up as soon as i can within the next few days...


On day 2 we were still in the desert!  Yes the desert! HEAT HEAT HEAT!  Well let me share with you my experience even though challeging but well worth it! We went to the Masada in which we were staying next door too, and man the heat was intense! For some reason my body wasn't responding well and once we  got up there and did the tour, I was struggling physically, but I made it throught the tour lol. I went to the Masada last year and I had no problem with the heat. Some of us decided to go on the sunrise hike up the mountain...um not me...but others did...and the rest went up the skyline...So we finally made it down the Masada (a place of reverence for the jewish people... if you are interested in knowing the significance of this site please let me know and i will explain in further detail!) But the rest of the morning was intensely hot (this was in the desert). I know my folks back home in Springfield, IL is struggling with the heat wave there last week... but you are not alone! :)


Anywho I eventually did recooperate from from the drastic heat bout and headache when I rested on the bus for 45 mins as we traveled to Arad. Arad is an Israeli development city were immigrant jews from Ethiopia, and Russia, and many other countries come to settle when they initially move to Israel. Aliyah (something i will mention in many blogs to come) means to 'move up higher" and if your mom was jewish and or if you have grandparents who were jewish from a persescuted state then you can move your family to Israel... so many people in this city did just that... and this city is out in the middle of nowhere: the Judean Desert!!!

So we ate lunch in Arad (I had pizza with cheese and tomatoes) and a iced coffee (mocha frap)... btw - you cant eat cheese with meat (not kosher)... and then we went to see this amazing display of Art by Rick Wienecke called: "The Fountain of Tears."


This was truly epic to me that day.  I received so much revelation from his sculptures! Very controversial but "it's a dialogue of suffering between the Holocaust and the Cruxification. Its seven sculptured relief panels reflecting, the last seven utterances from the Cruxifiction...seven life sized bronze figures symbolizing the response and reflection of the Holocaust...six pillars of stone for a memorail of the 6 million perished.' (quote from the pamphlet).


This art was phenomenal and to check it out yourselves go to www.castingseeds.com . This truly touched my heart! Since a young age I have always studied the Holocaust with such intensity and empathy, reading various literature and watching documentaries. I have been to the Washington DC Holocaust Museum twice and will continue to go everytime I'm in DC, and as well I have been to Yad Vashem (Holocaust museum in Israel) last year and will have the privilege to go again next week!  But this art is life changing... it really is... it makes you see the comparision of Jesus's death and resurrection on the cross to the suffering of the jews and their resurrection of an Israeli state and people in 1948 and to this day.... truly profound! If you are ever in Israel YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!!!! Matter of fact order the video from this website!


Anywho it will literally make you say wow... both Jews and Christians (anyone!) will say the same. Even if you dont believe in Jesus, it will make you think and may leave you speechless...I feel that it moved me in a deeper level then I have ever felt before.  I have been to many museums and plan to visit more.  I have heard testimonies from Holocaust survivors which were phenomenal!  Yet this art touched me in a way that I have never seen before and I am truly thankful for that...something that I will study intensely when I get home and hopefully be effective in sharing with others when the opportunity arises!


Well so much more happened that evening...but you have to check out the next blog to find out!  I'll give you a hint: camels/dessert/ bedouin camp and amazing food....oh yea campfire in the dessert (like for real desert...in the middle of no where desert!) with beautiful breeeze and amazing stars as far as you can see... yes read the next blog- you never know the desert will be calling you next!


Holla-Ms Netlz


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