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Dead Sea gets a new lease on Life

9 December, 20139 December, 2013 0 comments Geography Geography

It finally looks as though the Dead Sea may spring back to life. Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories signed a historic agreement today in Washington D.C. to lay a water pipeline from the Red Sea north 180 kilometers to the Dead Sea. The additional 100 million cubic meters of water that will flow northward as a result are expected to slow the drying up of the Dead Sea as well as the related negative effects.


Approximately 200 million cubic meters of water will be drawn per annum. Around 80 million cubic meters will be desalinated at a facility to be built in Aqaba facility with Israel receiving 30-50 million cubic meters of water for the Arava region and Eilat, and with Jordan receiving 30 million cubic meters of water for use in the south. Israel will also sell Jordan another 50 million cubic meters of water from the Kinneret for use in the north.

Silvan Shalom, Israel's Minister of Regional Cooperation said, "This is a historic agreement that realizes a dream of many years and the dream of Herzl. The agreement is of the highest diplomatic, economic, environmental and strategic importance." He added, "I am pleased that an investment of years has reached its hoped-for conclusion and will benefit Israel and the residents of the region as a whole. The other goals of this project are the generation of electricity by utilizing the difference in elevation between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea and the development of tourism infrastructures.

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