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a sunny day in Caesarea

9 February, 20099 February, 2009 1 comments caesarea caesarea

On a beautiful sunny Saturday, my family and I have spent a lovely day out in the old city of Caesarea, located on the coastline,

So much to see and explore in this area!!!

 Was a good choice for a family of 3, including a 5 years old, that just loved running around, picking shells, dipping her feel in the water and learning about the archeology.

We have started by entering the old city, and exploring the fortress, (build by king hordes) - we spent there about an hour and a half, as my girl was totally into it,

Then walked via the beach to the amphitheater (- another archeological site) enjoyed the sand, water and shells.

When we needed a break, we picked one of the many restaurants in the old city, and had a tasty Mediterranean lunch with a perfect sea view.

 All together, we spent there about 4 hours.

On the way back home, we stopped for a short walk in the aqueduct, located in the residential area of Caesarea. It was just what we needed after our lunch.

I recommend visiting this site for anyone.Smile


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