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A "Taste" of Israel

27 September, 201027 September, 2010 0 comments M-Trek M-Trek

Today started with a hangover.  MBAs are known for many things and drinking is one of them - last night we proved it.  It was our first jet-lag free night and we bought a ridiculous amount of alcohol.  Our group had to understand that Arak, a Middle Eastern drink, does not play well with others...


Another thing MBAs are well known for is being able to switch to work mode even when hung over.  So the entire group was ready to go on the bus and head out with only a 15 minutes delay (45 minutes early in Israel time...).  We started climbing up the Golan height as our guide, Yael, told us different stories about Israeli history and aspects.  We interrupted her stories about the Kibbutz as we bought the group their first taste of Yatvata chocolate milk.


As we neared our first stop, Bental Mountain, Yael started the story of the Israeli - Arabic conflict.  There is no right way to tell this story and there is no simple way either.  However, Yael manages to tell a very interesting version.  A very colorful version with no black and white and no right or wrong.  We talk about the different Israeli wars and I also give them my own perspective.


From there we head to a very special location - Nidal's restaurant.  Nidal, to my opinion, is one of the world's greatest artists in Mediterranean simple foods.  The group gets a first taste of one of Israel's best hummus plates and everybody licks their fingers.  We finish the day's trip with a hike to the Yahudia - a great chance for us all to walk off the hang over and soak in some fresh waters.  We all get in the water and have a lot of fun. 



We finish the day in a house we rented in Kfar Vradim.  We get to the house and organize for the group an Israeli BBQ fiesta.  Everybody gets some Kebabs, chickens and steaks before we sit down and cool off with some Hookahs and drinks.





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Every year second year students from the Ross School of Business at University take first year students on a fun trip somewhere around the world. This year, we are doing the first ever trip to Israel.


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