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Our Vision -Connecting People to the Holy Land

Pilgrimage in the Holy Land was promoted by none other than Mark Twain, who wrote his best-selling pilgrimage diary "Innocents Abroad or the New Pilgrims Progress" while tucked away in the historic Metropole Hotel just within the Old City walls, steps away from the Damascas Gate. In the diary, Twain's chronicles his pleasure cruise on board the chartered vessel Quaker City through Europe and the Holy Land with a group of religious pilgrims in 1867. It was the best selling of Twain's works during his lifetime and has inspired thousands if not millions of Christians to travel to the Holy Land for over a century.

Borrowing from Mark Twain, Travelujah aims to extract the Holy Land experiences of Believers, Catholic pilgrims and other Christians from around the world and give those travelers an online home to return to after their journey.  Travelujah aims to be the destination site where all Christians can connect with the Holy Land and with others, and the place where people learn about the Land of the Bible. We offer a community where pilgrims and other travelers, local experts and spiritual leaders share their experiences and photos and can advise each other. Travelujah also provides expert travel advice via our online experts as well as fee based tourism consulting services. Our rich website will connect you to a host of travel services offered by the regions top travel suppliers that we've carefully selected who can provide you with custom tours,  car rentals, flights, guaranteed departure tours, hotels and of course, our own exclusive christian guesthouse booking services.


Travelujah has a patent pending "search the Bible" functionality that allows you to perform a biblical search and retrieve biblical and travel related results - to help you plan your journey and learn more about the places you want to visit. Not only will you learn from Travelujah and our experts but from visitors from around the world who have joined our community and shared their experiences.


Without a doubt, each traveler leaves this region with his list of "must do's" which is later communicated to another interested person who eventually may travel here to experience the richness of the land. I've asked many Christian travelers "what are your favorite sites" and undoubtedly most will answer "The Garden Tomb, Massada, Ein Gedi, the Old City, Western Wall, Banias, The Galilee, Sea of Galilee, Caesarea or Bethlehem". Few will answer "Tel Maresha, Dag al a Dan Restaurant, taking a jeep trip on the Syrian border, celebrating Shabbat dinner with a  Jewish Family, attending an interfaith dialogue session, touring an army base, visiting with theology students at Bethlehem University, Bathsaida, Ella Valley, the Bauhaus District of Tel Aviv, going to the Shofar Factor in the Golan Heights, or Mitzpe Ramon, Cycling inside the crater, Bedouin experiences, a desert overnight, etc. Why - because most tours tend to do the same sites. But there is so much more and all people need to have is a taste. By giving travelers a home to document their experiences and chronicling their own, Travelujah highlights the lesser known yet truly rich sites, builds on the bible, provides tips, gives direction and helps make that trip really unforgettable by giving you ideas and enabling you and your group to create that special journey.

Like Twain, if you or someone  you know has been or is coming to the Holy Land they should join Travelujah and write about their experiences, load their pictures or video and provide first hand testimony of their time in the Holy Land.


Thank you for visiting Travelujah. Please join our site and start writing about what the Holy Land means to you.

Elisa L. Moed

CEO, Travelujah

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