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How do I write a Blog about My Holy Land experience?

1.  You first need to Join the  Community and you can do this by first clicking on "Join" at top right of Homepage

  • Complete Registration (name, email and select password, check terms and conditions, write captcha)
  • Click on Submit
  • Activate membership by clicking on link that you will receive from Travelujah in a return email

2. Once you are notified of  your community acceptance you can Create a Blog

  • Log onto http:/www.travelujah.com
    Go to top right side and click on "Member Login"
    Put your curser on"Share" on the top Navigational Bar
    Click on "Add Blog Category"
    You will be prompted to "add category title" for your blog. This is the general topic of your blog - you can create new categories prior to subsequent blog entries since your posts may relate to different categories. You can always start with one category and add categories as you see fit depending on what you write about.
    Click on "browse" and you can upload a picture (100 by 100) for your blog
    Click on "add category

3. Login as a registered user and you can write a blogNote:

Under "Meet Pilgrims" go to Add Blog Post

  • Write in your "Blog Caption" or Title
  • Write your blog directly into the box below.
  • Add "tags" that are relevant for your blog; these tags make your blog searchable within the site-
  • Select the "category" for your blog from drop down menu
  • Browse photos to select one of your photos that relate to your blog
  • Click on "Add Blog Post" - must do this or it won't save!

Note: you can always "edit" your post afterwards by clicking on "edit post" under "my blog"



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