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 "The comprehensive Itinerary was thoughtfully planned with many special one-of-a-kind requests and the group was thoroughly impressed with the scope of planning and success in seeing the tour rolled out each day and exceeded everyone's expectations. The tour bus was by far the best ever... The on-board Wi-Fi was a real surprise and special treat. The Arabic driver was most accommodating and we enjoyed him immensely especially his familiarity within the West Bank areas! The food was incredible and certainly the best of any Holy Land trip we have been on. ! The price to value was very reasonable and favorable considering the attention that Elisa Moed put into making this tour very special. We will always value her effort and lifetime friendship.  She is really wonderful to work with and totally flexible when difficult decisions are being made.


The feedback from the group expressed real satisfaction and fulfillment of their life-time dream of visiting the Holyland. For most pilgrims on this tour, it was their first time to Israel.... Without the special care and attention to detail, their experience would be less than perfect had it not been to the fine folks at Travelujah.  In summary, due to the total planning, coordination, tour leadership and life-long friendships with the tour guide and Elisa Moed, this tour has been the best ever!"


-Jerry DeGarmo, Mountainbrook Community Church, San Luis Obispo, CA


"To avoid the high prices in Israel and get great travel services and advice go to Travelujah.com.  It is an Israel-based outfit that really knows its way around the country:  Guest houses, convents, hostels, travel information/tips w/3,000 pages of content, tours, car rentals, and more.  I worked with Elisa Moed who was a great help to me and I highly recommend the site." -Alan Miller, USA


"It was an amazing and wonderful trip" Bruce Moldow, Boca Raton, FL


"Thank you for putting together an extraordinary experience for us.  It was truly wonderful." -Suzanne Ward , Rochester, NY


"Our trip to Israel was everything we hoped it would be. Jay and I are still talking about each experience as he works on our newest photo stream. Thank you for putting together a great trip for us and most important, thank you for choosing Lior as our guide."   - Randye Falk, M.Ed, Orlando, FL



"We had a great time yesterday, thank you!  Gil was great and we would definitely recommend him and Travelujah." - Eden Goldberger, spouse of Deputy US Ambassador to Israel 


 "Travelujah, as you know, is the travel agency in Israel that prepared and led our outstanding visit.  Enthusiastically, I totally recommend Travelujah to you, your families and friends, and parish communities!  Travelujah's superior expertise, the excellence and quality of their many offers, and their personal attention will allow you to experience the beauty and wonder of the Land of the Bible time and again.


I am sure you will enjoy exploring their website

Read about their tour options in Israel:       

Read about their Breaking Bread Tours:  (see menu above for "Our Tours" options).  Here you will find tours that also help to build bridges of friendship between the local communities

And, of course, Travelujah will help priests and communities, as well as individuals and family, plan their own itineraries.  Travelujah's founder and CEO, Elisa Moed, whom you met at Ben Gurion Airport and at Caesarea Maritima, is already your contact person and friend in Israel!  You can see a CNN interview


I also encourage you to sign up to receive the Travelujah's free online newsletter, which will keep you connected to Israel and to Holy Land news relevant to visitors and pilgrims." - George Rodriguez, Tour leader -   Immaculate Conception Church, Miami FL


"We had a wonderful time in Israel and thanks to you and Travelujah, our lodging accommodations were perfect for our family. Tantur Ecumenical Institute and St. Margaret's Guest House were everything we needed and wanted, and beyond our expectations for consumer friendliness and helpfulness. It was central to locations we deemed important especially given our self-guided itinerary plans. The food was great and the rooms were clean and neat. I so appreciate your expertise in helping determine what would meet our family's needs for this once-in-a-lifetime family adventure. We intend to return to Israel again some day soon and will certainly utilize your services again. I continue to benefit from your Travelujah email mailings, as well, as they provide fond memories of our experiences in the various places your articles target, and they provide interesting information about Israel that we may not be able to access otherwise."   - Mary Hollenbaugh, NY


"This brief letter serves to remark the excellent, top-notch touring you provided for the Presiding Bishop, Rt. Rev Doyé  T. Agama and his advance team during the recent 2010 pioneering visit to the Holy Land by the Apostolic Pastoral Association (APA).


We are grateful for the extra mile you covered to ensure that we had a unique experience. We truly enjoyed our stay and the insights into life in the State of Israel and meeting the people. Please extend our greetings to your colleagues and particularly to all those we met at the Friday Seder meal."   - Bishop Doye Agama, Apostolic Pastoral Association,  UK


"Elisa, I couldn't give you a higher rating. I will definitely use you again!"  - Pastor Kay Cherry, CA


"Your service standards are excellent! ...I felt like we saw the best of Israel in 6 days (which we felt was pretty impressive) and covered all the most interesting historical places. ... I will absolutely recommend Travelujah. You're hospitality and friendliness was unparalleled in any other tour company I've worked with."    -Lori Olefan, Seattle, WA



"The trip to Israel you planned was wonderful.  We had a great time and learned a lot about both historic and modern Israel."   -Pam Olsen, USA

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