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Christian Guesthouses in Tiberias

Four Christian guesthouses in the Galilee - the YMCA, the Oasis, Casanova Tiberias and Beit Bracha - offer accommodations for a geographical and spiritual launching pad in the region where Jesus spent most of his time during his three-year ministry.


From these sites, some of which hold daily prayers services, visitors may easily travel to see the famous sites in the area including Tabgha, Capernnaum, Magdala, Mount Tabor and cities such as Nazareth  and Safed .


Next year a fifth Christian guesthouse will be added to the list, Notre Dame du Lac.


The Tiberias YMCA , called Peniel-by-the-Galilee, is a beautiful 22-unit guesthouse with breathtaking views of the Sea of Galilee. It is the only Christian guesthouse with access to a private beach on the lake.


The Harte Memorial Chapel on the premises is outfitted with panoramic windows, overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Mount of Beatitudes. The building, also known as the Harte Villa, was built for Archibald Harte, who was general secretary of the Jerusalem YMCA in the 1920s.


With a Middle Eastern motif, the lobby includes mosaics, tiles and other artifacts. Rooms are air conditioned and other amenities include a mineral pool, private beach, restaurant and a chapel. This 13-room guesthouse is situated just north of Ginosar where you can see the 1st-century Jesus boat attraction.

Contact: ymca_galilee@hotmail.com


The Oasis, a Catholic guesthouse of the Emmanuel Community where mass is celebrated each morning, is located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee facing the Golan Heights.


The guesthouse welcomes small groups and families with 48 beds in rooms for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8 people, equipped with private bathrooms and showers. The rooms are air conditioned. Breakfast is served each morning.


The chapel is available for celebrations and meetings. Mass is prayed daily. An expansive terrace and a garden down to the lake provide amazing views of the Galilee.


Contact: tiberiemma@yahoo.com


Another very popular Catholic guesthouse is Casanova Tiberias, built in 1903 and centrally located in the city next to the Church of St. Peter and just a few blocks from the central bus station.


Because of its central location, the setting put the Casa Nova away from the bustling tourist sections of the city, but still close to the Christian sites worth visiting in the Galilee. The facility has a balcony with views of the lake.


The guesthouse has bed-and-breakfast facilities as well as a small kitchenette where guests can prepare their own meals. Boarding options include 25 rooms with two beds, four with three and dormitory facilities for up to 12 people. Just last month, the guest house rooms were renovated.

The chapel is open for pilgrims and groups for prayer and communion.


Contact: Casanova@koinoniagb.org


Beit Bracha  is a guesthouse and prayer center run by evangelicals under the auspices of the Anglican church of England.


Overlooking the Sea of Galilee, accommodations include twin and single rooms and breakfast. Dinner is available on request for groups and the outdoor terrace is a wonderful venue for an afternoon respite. The guesthouse owners, welcome all groups and with prior arrangement will meet with groups to discuss Christian life in the Galilee. Beit Bracha hosts a time of prayer and Bible reading each morning as an option for its guests.


Groups can use the conference room. Table tennis, billiards and other games are available as well as a sound system and a projector. The Heritage Center includes a number of historic displays of Christian pioneers in the area and photographs of the Galilee.


Contact: bbracha@netvision.net.il


Mt of Beatitudes is a Catholic guesthouse situated adjacent to the 4th century Franciscan church, approximately 12 kilometers north of Tiberias off of Road 90, on a Galilean hill top overlooking the Sea of Galilee. The site is referred to in Matthew 5:1-2 and is known as the place where we sees the multitudes, goes to the mountain followed by his disciples and begins to preach.


The 50 unit guesthouse is almost exclusviely booked for groups only and serves meals daily. It is a wonderful venue for any pilgrimage where visitors are seeking a quiet ambiance and aesthetics. For reservations contact osbeat@013.net

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