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"My love for the Holy Land", continentalnews.com


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How Travelujah is Helping Pilgrims in the Holy Land


-KWAVE RadioHelping Pilgrims to Find Rooms in the Holy Land


Jewish Entreprenneurs Targeting Christians to the Holy Land


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Social Networking for Christians


Travelujah and Eagles Wings Bring Youth Ministry to Israel


New Faith Based Website Focuses on Holy Land Travel

"Travelujah is poised to become the leading online Christian travel destination site for the Holy Land....The only website offering access to more than 25 historic Christian-run guest houses throughout the region and discounted car rental and tour reservations." --Travel Daily News



Travelujah selected by about.com to be listed under " Best Christian Vacations"

"Apart from the decidedly corny name, Travelujah is undoubtedly an excellent resource for Christians planning a trip to the Holy Land. There is a wealth of quality, readily-available information, from the practical to the historical; and although the site is unabashedly pilgrim oriented, it does not limit itself to religous attractions, featuring information about wine tours and other not strictly faith-based activities. The social-networking aspect of the site, the opportunity to share your own experiences in the Holy Land, suits very well the spirit of such a journey."--toolazytodoit.com

Social Networking for Christians


Travel to the Holy Land


Travelujah Launch Travel to the Holy Land


Helping Christian Pilgrims find room at the Inn, by Karin Kloosterman - July 29, 2009


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How www.travelujah.com is serving pilgrims to the Holy Land

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